Nursery funding available for 3 & 4 year olds

0-2 years

8am – 1pm- £33.00
1pm- 6pm- £33.00
8am – 6pm- £64.00
Full Week- £315.00


8am – 1pm – £32.00
1pm- 6pm- £32.00
8am – 6pm- £62.00
Full Week- £305.00

The Nursery will be closed on public holidays-fees will be charged at 50%.

Sickness will be charged at full pay.

Holidays will be charged at full pay, with the opportunity to sell your sessions to other nursery children.

Nursery funding available for 2, 3 & 4 year olds

A daily session charge of £6.00 per session or £12.00 for a full day is charged when using the government funded hours to cover the costs of meals, snacks, consumables and sundries that we use throughout the nursery sessions.

We will contact you prior to your nursery education grant starting and give you information on how to apply for the additional 15 hours. If you would like your child to increase the hours that they attend nursery when their grant starts then please book your child in as early as possible as our places are limited.

Interested and want to find out more?

We would be happy to answer and questions you might have, so feel free to get in touch.